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The main mission of kolkatainfomedia.com is to organize the world’s information and make it accessible and useful. We strive hard to maintain the open culture generally associated with the startups, in which all are hands-on contributor and feels really comfortable in sharing opinions and ideas.

Discovering different career opportunities can sharpen your skills. Do you want to give your career the needed boost? If yes, let Kolkatainfomedia.com be the stepping stone in your career. Moreover, if you want to be the stepping stone in your career or want to advance in various arenas related to web and online marketing solutions, become a part of our family. Kolkatainfomedia.com helps the communities thrive by easing millions of connections every year among clients who want to find various products and services locally and merchants who offer them.

Our online business directory helps clients find local businesses and shops in a new and innovative way. Its dedicated online markets offer convenient and comprehensive access to local services. Kolkatainfomedia.com helps merchants compete in the digital world with a wide range of marketing and e-commerce solutions delivered through the internet and through the direct sales team of Kolkata info media. Establishing a heritage as a premium directory provider, kolkatainfomedia.com continues to provide a wide range of print and distribution based marketing services.

Landing on satisfying job where you receive the chance of learning and observing professional and personnel development becomes very simple when you choose Kolkata info media. The only thing that you need to do is fill the form and if the candidate meets our requirements, we will contact you soon. Build your career over a strong base with us and allow your professional dreams come true.